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◊ My first comic series is being executed through the support of my patrons on Patreon

If you give $15 a month [snatch-wagon level], you’ll receive buttons, stickers, and three small 1×1 canvas paintings [subject matter of your choice]

◊ Ultimately, one day, I hope to reach my milestone goal of $5,000 in order to make a DOTR cartoon

About Danni

◊ Currently working on commissions and freelance figure-modeling

◊ Freakazoid artist raised in Portlandia, OR and frequent traveler to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and [soon] Berlin Germany!

◊ Philosophy Enthusiast / Dirge Dancer / Lover of hip-hop & rap, slam-poetry

Current Projects

◊ Occasionally you can catch me modeling for PDX’s Dr.Sketchy’s, or doing live-drawing at Incubator [Star Theater]

◊ Always open for small $50 dollar custom-drawing commissions! Contact me for further discussion.




I began to draw at two years old, following my cartoonist father's love for making art--and today I love to create work that helps take graphic novels, stories, articles, brands and posters to the next level.



I create unique art pieces helping build you an identity that stands out. Believe me, I know how to draw people's eye [literally / figuratively].



Drawing + painting on wood, canvas, walls, paper or props for movies--I'll execute our vision to it's fullest, most enigmatic potential.



Want something that lasts a lifetime? Tentacles, aliens, skeletons, cartoons, robots--or whatever your ideas may be, contact me for a quote.

My Work

Select Exhibitions

  • Arlene & Harold Schnitzer Center for Art | Jan 2015 | “PNCA Alumni” | Portland, OR
  • The Pony Club | Nov -Dec 2014 | “Family Doggies” | Portland, OR
  • Homebass Gallery | Aug – Sept 2013 | “Urban Artists” | Portland, OR
  • Philip Feldman Gallery | May – June 2012 | “PNCA Senior Thesis show” | Portland, OR
  • In-Flux Gallery | Mar – April 2012 | “Sexy Times” | Portland, OR
  • D-Structure Gallery | Jan – Fed 2012 | “Terrene Chimera” | San Francisco, CA
  • Imago Art Gallery | Nov – Dec 2011 | “Exhile Poster Project” | Portland, OR
  • Backspace Gallery | Oct – Nov 2011 | “The Bees” | Portland, OR
  • Cannibals Gallery | Sept – Oct 2011 | “Mrs. Tibbs” | Portland, OR
  • PNCA Student Gallery | Nov – Dec 2010 | “Fre$h Futuristik” | Portland, OR
  • In-Flux Gallery | July – Aug 2009 | “Santa Muerte” | Portland, OR
  • Valley Art Gallery | Jan – Fed 2006 | “FGHS Art Show” | Forest Grove, OR

"Something about her reminded me of one of those figures from old-fashioned playing cards, a print straight from the pages of an incunabulum: her presence was both funereal and incandescent, like a curse dressed in Sunday best."

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