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◊ I like to work on my web-comic, stand-up comedy, and freelance figure-modeling.

◊ Born and raised in Portland, OR–and frequent traveler to Seattle / Los Angeles.

◊ Philosophy Enthusiast  – Lover of hip-hop – Villains – Aliens 


◊ Currently focusing on my web series, story boards, and practicing stand up.

◊ I’m always open for small custom-painting [or drawing] commissions! Contact me for further details~

◊ Right now I perform stand up at various mics and shows at The Funhouse, Brody Theater, Helium, The Big Legrowlski, among many other places.




I began to draw at two years old, following my cartoonist father's love for making art--and today I love to create work that helps take graphic novels, stories, articles, brands and posters to the next level.



Hire me to tell jokes somewhere, anywhere! Your kid's birthday, at the bar, in a theater, your mom's basement...



Drawing + painting on wood, canvas, walls, paper or props for movies--I'll execute our vision to it's fullest, most enigmatic potential.



I know how to stand out naturally; I'm always down for figure modeling and photoshoots.


Select Exhibitions

  • Arlene & Harold Schnitzer Center for Art | Jan 2015 | “PNCA Alumni” | Portland, OR
  • The Pony Club | Nov -Dec 2014 | “Family Doggies” | Portland, OR
  • Homebass Gallery | Aug – Sept 2013 | “Urban Artists” | Portland, OR
  • Philip Feldman Gallery | May – June 2012 | “PNCA Senior Thesis show” | Portland, OR
  • In-Flux Gallery | Mar – April 2012 | “Sexy Times” | Portland, OR
  • D-Structure Gallery | Jan – Fed 2012 | “Terrene Chimera” | San Francisco, CA
  • Imago Art Gallery | Nov – Dec 2011 | “Exhile Poster Project” | Portland, OR
  • Backspace Gallery | Oct – Nov 2011 | “The Bees” | Portland, OR
  • Cannibals Gallery | Sept – Oct 2011 | “Mrs. Tibbs” | Portland, OR
  • PNCA Student Gallery | Nov – Dec 2010 | “Fre$h Futuristik” | Portland, OR
  • In-Flux Gallery | July – Aug 2009 | “Santa Muerte” | Portland, OR
  • Valley Art Gallery | Jan – Fed 2006 | “FGHS Art Show” | Forest Grove, OR

"Something about her reminded me of one of those figures from old-fashioned playing cards, a print straight from the pages of an incunabulum: her presence was both funereal and incandescent, like a curse dressed in Sunday best."

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